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Chester Select Victorious in the 2015 Unlimited Showdown

IMG_6265Of all the divisions in the 2015 Unlimited Showdown, the teams in 13U were gritty and undeniably competitive. Many programs such as Playtime, Team Green, NJ Bulldogs, and Bottom Ballers came in on Saturday with a will to win and kept the intensity all tournament.

After defeating the Bottom Ballers by 20 points (52-32) Chester Select advanced to the semi-finals where they would meet the Harrisburg Baby Cougars. The game was close throughout, but Chester Select was able to hold on and seal the win by three- 54-51, Chester Select.

On the other side of the bracket, the NJ Bulldogs defeated Team Green in what seemed like an easy win and went on to face Chester Select in the championship game.

Michah Johnson Jr. From the tip it was clear this game would be a solid matchup. Both teams had size, skill, and a strong coaching staff. The NJ Bulldogs were a bit more athletic, while Chester was more discipline and patient. Both teams applied intense defensive pressure. Although Chester Select was able to break the Bulldogs pressure on multiple occasions, the Bulldog’s young prospect, Micah Johnson Jr. led a block party with over 4 blocks for the game. He also added 11-points and double-digit rebounds. His height made him difficult to guard in the post, but his quickness caused problems on the perimeter as well.  Ahyam Brown-Miller led the Bulldogs with 15 points and a block as well.

Chester Select’s coach knew early this game would come down to mental toughness and he knew just what to say at the right times to keep his team focused despite what the Bulldogs threw at them. Keeping the team up during times of distress was a leading cause for Chester Select’s victory.

Chester Select CoachThere were several lead changes in the first half, ending gridlocked at 25 points. At halftime, Chester Select’s coach reminded the team to finish the job, saying “we didn’t come this far for nothing…”

The second half was pretty much the same as the first. Chester Select’s star players Da’mir Baez and Adrian Irving scored 20 and 22 points respectively.

Although the Bulldogs team was more rounded in scoring having 5 major offensive contributors to 2 on Chester Select, they just could not pull out the win.

Chester did things right when they needed to and protected the lead by running time off the clock when necessary. In the end, Chester Select won by 2. Final score, 49-51.Ronell Whithead


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