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Riverside 10U Climbs out of Takeover Hold for the Championship at the AGame SuperShootout

Team Takeover dominated early in the 10U championship game of the AGame Super Shootout. Solid defense and heavy full-court pressure allowed Takeover to convert on easy transition layups and jump out to a 10-3 lead within the first few minutes of the game.

Point guard Jeremiah Quisley controlled the tempo for Takeover with sound decision-making and poise. Takeover’s offensive strategy included moving the ball, finding the open man and limiting turnovers. Takeover parents and fans were comfortable knowing things were going their way, but Riverside had other plans- to say the least.

As the first half played out, there was an obvious shift in momentum. Riverside began playing scrappy and hustling for every loose ball. In addition, consistent rebounding played a major part in Riverside climbing back into the game. Their big men did a great job of boxing out, which gave their team second looks at the basket.

Going into halftime, Riverside cut the lead to one point, 18-19.

The second half was all about who wanted it more! Takeover’s early dominance could have very easily forced most young teams to fold. However, Riverside’s fight and grit showed character, persistence, discipline and a will to win.

Riverside leaned on the talented young guard, Caleh Crawford in the second half.   In addition to some deep 3-point baskets, Crawford made crucial plays driving in the paint and getting to the free throw line. Crawford’s aggressive offensive play gave Riverside the confidence necessary to answer whatever Takeover threw at them. Crawford led all scorers with 14 points. However, ultimately Riverside’s sound coaching and team effort changed the dynamic of the game.

Final score Riverside 33 and Takeover 30.


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