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UNLIMITED Glory vs Havoc City at the Hoop Group Jam Fest

IMG_4988Many in the youth basketball circuit were stunned to learn about the separation between the coaching duo of Team Glory. Coach Doug Dormu and Michael Harmon are highly respected and successful coaches in the youth basketball circuit. Together, they built an organization, which included some of the best teams in the country. With over a decade of coaching experience, the program fostered many division one players and cultivated the number one 6th grader in the country, Zion Harmon. Both esteemed coaches wasted no time rebuilding. Coach Doug formed his program, Havoc City and Coach Mike partnered with UNLIMITED Basketball in a never before seen powerhouse collaboration. Maybe we’ll never know the exact reason for what seemed like a great partnership to be forced into estrangement.   Whether it was business or personal for UNLIMITED Glory- their business was personal.


IMG_5062UNLIMITED Glory wasted no time letting their actions speak for the team. The stifling defense forced turnovers early in the game. This and strong rebounding by Trey Patterson and Jake Koberman afforded UNLIMITED Glory many transition opportunities. With almost every bucket scored, UNLIMITED Glory released a burst of emotional tension. They had a mission and the mission was clear. Midway through the first half, UNLIMITED Glory was up 18 to 2 and finished the half 34 to 13. The intensity stayed high the whole game and the tension in the gym was so thick you could slice it with a knife.


In the second half, Doug McDaniels for Havoc City wooed the crowd with his ball handling and passing. He was single handedly responsible for most of Havoc City’s points, either by scoring or assist. As impressive as it was, it was not enough to stop the bleeding. Of the 60 points UNLIMITED Glory finished with to Havoc City’s 29, Zion Harmon scored 31 and Trey Patterson added 16 points. For UNLIMITED Glory, this victory was bitter sweet.IMG_5048IMG_4990


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