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UNLIMITED Glory vs Heat Elite at the Hoop Group Jam Fest

UNLIMITED Glory put on a show this weekend at the Hoop Group Jam Fest with two of the most explosive guards in the country. Zion Harmon and highly recruited Trey Patterson dominated anything in a pair of basketball shoes this weekend.

Heat Elite was a solid team from central New Jersey. But the skill and size of UNLIMITED Glory was a huge disadvantage for the New Jersey ball club. From the early stages of the game, UNLIMITED Glory precisely executed a mission with a no hold’s barred attitude, led by their esteemed head coach Mike Harmon.

UNLIMITED Glory started the game in an aggressive full court press. Heat Elite had no chance against the speed and athleticism of UNLIMITED Glory. Struggling play after play, eventually the Heat’s goal became to just to get the ball past half court without a turnover. Safe to say the game got a little out of hand by halftime with the score being 43-3.

The most impressive part of UNLIMITED Glory’s team, is there isn’t a weak link. This deep roster of players showed strong teamwork and discipline. To watch the way the players connect with each other is a sight to see. Whether ball handling, passing or team defense, it’s clear the players not only believe in Coach Harmon and Jenkins philosophy, they truly work hard and it shows. UNLIMITED Glory won the game with a final score of 78 to 9.


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