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Unlimited Vs Next Level, 12/7/13 1PM

Coach Erik and Jessica marveled at the amount of sugar this team consumed in a one hour period in between games! Skittles, Sour Patches and Star Bursts was being past around like rations in a war movie! Unfortunately for Next Level, what ever residual effects from last nights party was washed away like a sour patch with a red sugar juice posing as a Gatorade!
The coming out party was still in affect, as Xavier Hindes continued with his aggressive attack at the basket. Coach Jessica inquired once again if this video game we were watching was approved for all audiences! The X-Man finished with a team high 11points and added 2 steals! Sometimes people are born on the same day, some times people party on the same day, some times people win parties and just happen to be partying next to you for nothing. This was the second one, as the coming out party for Hamas Duren, just so happened to be on the same day as the X-Man! Hamas lived on the glass grabbing 7 rebounds and pouring in 9 points in a matter that made Coach Jessica force Coach Erik to check if the video game we were watching was approved for all audiences! I kept telling her it’s rated E for everyone, but she kept asking! Not to be undone, with a model of consistency, Chase Murray poured in 8 points, grabbed 2 rebounds and had 1 steal in a dominating performance! Nyle Coleman continued his arial assault, scoring 7 points, grabbing 1 rebound, getting 2 steals and having one assist in a well balanced attack! Ian Harvey-Williams injured his back early, but mustered enough strength to still dominate the game defensively with 2 steals, 1 rebound and 1 assist. Marcus Miller added 2 points and 2 rebounds as an offensive rebounding juggernaut while Bryce Miller resembled his child hood idol “Charles Barkely” grabbing an O board and putting it back up for the big 2 points!! The “Glue Man” Mean Joe Green Jr. continued to stuff the stat sheet with 4 points 3 assists and 2 steals while Raja Coleman ran the show by dictating the defensive intensity early with 3 steals and dishing out 2 assists! I know you wonder why I’m not mentioning the eb and flow of the game, because there was no eb only flow! More like Flo Jo, because Unlimited ran away with in the first 10 seconds of the game!!!!!!!!!! Unlimited 44, Next level 27……


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