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Unlimited Vs Next Level/ KD Tournaments game 2, 11/30/13

After some Ellios pizza and Battroborg (I know, it’s a motorized robot fighting game. Picture Rock Em Sock Em Robots with batteries) Unlimited was ready to taste their first victory. This game started of slow and sloppy! Unlimited missed a ton of layups as the game went a couple of minutes with both teams on the big O (and I’m not talking about Oscar Robinson)! The game started opening up with a lay up from Joe Green who finished with 2 points. Once it drips it pours with Unlimited as Xavier Hinds, Chase Murray and Raja Coleman all adding layups. Raja got an and 1 and Xavier added a free throw as Unlimited led comfortably going into half time.

This Unlimited team responds to winning like a pack of Hyenas with injured prey! Ian Harvey-Williams went ballistic scoring 6 in the second half– inspiring Chase Murray to do the same thing who finished with a team high 8 points and 3 rebounds! Nyle Coleman had a huge second half as well, scoring 5 points with his twin, Raja Coleman, adding another 2 and Marcus Miller putting the nail in the coffin with 2 points! Bryce Miller and Hamas Duren owned the glass securing offensive rebound after offensive rebound to put Unlimited in position to score! The Defensive pressure was on high as Unlimited went on for a route setting up a championship game for Sunday!


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